Writing for the Web – w/ Alyce Currier of Wistia


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This past Wednesday, we gathered at Wistia headquarters to hear their content strategist, Alyce Currier talk about writing for the web. For those who couldn’t join us in person, here’s Alyce’s talk in full:

(missing video)

Also, check out Alyce’s slides on writing for the web, which include lots of links to useful writing tools.

Here are some of our favorite take-away tips from Alyce’s talk:

  • Wiring about your work shows others how you think/work and can be a good differentiator for the job market.
  • Recaps can be boring. Try to make such writing actionable. What are the takeaways?
  • Remember that you can’t please everyone. If the majority of your audience likes what you are writing, that’s a win.
  • Blogging/writing can’t replace showing your work! Be sure to include code samples (assuming they are relevant to your work).
  • The Internet is a VERY broad audience. Comprehension shouldn’t hinge on cultural references because people may not get them. Ditto w/ jargon. A brief explanation can save readers from going down another Internet wormhole.
  • Break up long blocks of text to make context more digestible. Use lists, charts, images, etc.
  • People read/consume content differently online. They are looking for answers. And that’s ok.
  • Important: EDIT YOURSELF. Read your work aloud, use headings for clarity, delete liberally, do multiple edits.

Finally, a big thanks to Wistia for having us— they’ve been incredibly supportive of WCC’s goals and it’s clear they’re the kind of business that’s looking to have a positive impact on the community they’re in. If you’re looking for total control of the videos on your website, you’ll want to check them out.

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