We’re back! Version 2.0 of our site has launched


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We’re excited to announce that after a busy summer hiatus, we have just relaunched our online courses with revamped curriculum and a new, optimized course experience.

We’ve also relaunched under a new domain: https://thewcc.com

To kick the tires on the new system, we’re offering free beta enrollments in one of our two foundational courses:

HTML: Website Basics
Beginner CSS: Styling Websites

If you’ve already taken one of these courses with us, you’re encouraged to enroll again because the content has been revised and expanded and we’d love to hear your input as an experienced student.

Also, if you’re interested in other topics (such as JavaScript, Python, or PHP), stay tuned as we’ll be bringing them back online with free beta runs in the coming months.

Finally, if you notice any issues while using our new site, please let us know! You can email us at support@thewcc.com or send a message via the chat icon on the bottom of the site.

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