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Meet Kimberly,

Aside from her full-time career as an Instructional Technology Facilitator, Kim is a mom and upcycle crafter, so it goes without saying that she has a lot going on. Despite her many commitments, Kim’s interest in technology remains strong.

To satiate this craving, Kim initially turned to traditional education, but found it lacking.

“Learning how the mysterious and magical Internet worked was always an interest of mine, but when I decided to pursue a Master’s in Educational Media/Instructional Technology, one course requirement was an Advanced Web Design class. Having a partner at home that’s a web developer, I was excited to be able to geek out with him. We were both disappointed with how far behind [the class] was from modern practices.”

So Kim signed up for a Codagogy course, and then another one after that.

“I’ve taken the Welcome to Tagville HTML introductory course and I’m currently working on the Plant Your First WordPress course… [These] classes are the perfect way for me to get what I need at the pace that works for me.”

It should go without saying that when it comes to the web and technology, there’s always more to learn; the scene is constantly changing. One thing never changes though: good company makes for a better learning experience.

Kim agrees:

“Even though I took an ‘Advanced Web Design’ grad class, I learned more about HTML and real world web creation through Codagogy and their two week course. I also appreciate the supportive network of women that take these courses and their willingness to help each other. Overall, Codagogy is the perfect venue for women wanting to improve their web skills.”

Because of her new skills, Kim is able to provide more value in her career, and help shape technology education for children at her school.

“Although my career does involve technology, teaching kids how to build websites at the K-5 level isn’t the focus of my work. It has, however, pushed me to consider the integration and basic understanding of ‘computer magic’ through iPad apps like Hopscotch.”

But public education isn’t the only place Kim has used her latest skill set.

“Outside of my day job, my mother and I started expanding on our sewing hobby and I decided to use WordPress and social media to promote our work in our community. Having the basics of HTML and WordPress under my belt has greatly affected how we promote our craft business, Little Egg.”

We know that as Kim learns even more advanced skills, like CSS, JavaScript, and SEO, her career and craft business will flourish. It’s great to have such an enthusiastic student in our midst and we’ll continue to support her in her quest to rule the web.

Thanks for sharing, Kim!

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