Author: Lynn Casper


Learn with Friends

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Doing things with your friends is always more fun. That’s why the WCC has a “” program where you and your friends can get $17 bucks off their first course. Here are a few benefits of taking an online WCC class with a friend: You can hold each other accountable...


Grandma Got STEM

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The field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics isn’t a boys club anymore. We know that, you know that, and Rachel Levy, creator of “Grandma Got STEM” knows that too. Rachel was inspired to create the site after hearing phrases like “So easy my grandma could do it” and “how...


Programming is for the birds

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By birds I mean night owls of course. Do you often find yourself being the most productive late at night? I have a slight assumption that many of us do. I tend to feel really guilty about my abnormal “maker’s” schedule, but Business Insider explains why programmers work at night....


Visualizing the weather with

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I usually check the weather every day shortly after waking up. My default is to look on my iPhone, but the details there are not usually specific enough. I’ll visit or for more in-depth reports but the advertisement and video overload is a killer (especially when I haven’t...